Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gratitude, Woven in the Fabric

While working on formal albums for Abby, Scott and their parents we have appreciated once again their gratitude, woven deeply in the fibers of their beings. Their entire wedding was so meaningful, filled with deep respect for each other, their families, and their values. Not only did they speak sincere words to each other, but shared special thanks with each member of their immediate families, and honored each of their guests by making two charitable donations. These gifts were made to share what is important to them as a couple and as a symbol of the values that they hold in their daily life and in their marriage. How genuine! Thanks for encouraging us all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Spring Fever

Spring is finally here, and the class of 2010 is gearing up to celebrate!

It was fun to capture a few more photos of Marietta in a new setting. The downtown afternoon light was powerful and created a warm glow on her skin and hair. I absolutely love her floral dress paired with her soft suede boots- a reflection of her creativity and confidence. The wind sent us both spinning as it played with her thick, wavy locks and my huge reflector! We had a few laughs and I'm sure the business owners did, too. Check out her gorgeous eyes :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Love and Laughter!

What is more fun than playing in the warm sunshine with a cooing and crawling babe? We are both blessed to have healthy and happy kids, and we love taking breaks from our computer editing to join in the excitement that our children create!

P.T From Baby to Little Boy!

We can hardly believe how fast little ones grow! Peyton's cute face matured in front of our lenses from an adorable baby into a fun loving little boy! Leanne and Eric, you have a precious family! Thanks for letting us see you all together again! Congratulations on your recent anniversary! It seems like yesterday that we captured you kissing in front of the Lincoln train station on your wedding day so it is extra special for us to see your son smiling and laughing as he rides Thomas the Train!

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