Saturday, September 18, 2010

As an artist it is so fun to create murals! The Cherry Blossom Tree that I created for Ella's room before she was born was the inspiration for her ten day old photo session. Rich raspberry, deep red, and pink to offset the beautiful Cay Blue wall color. Since the wall opposite the tree was blank I new it was the perfect spot for a large wall portrait of my baby princess cousin. I did the photo session right in her peaceful room with a small set up and utilized the soft North window light. Her portraits emulate the serenity that the tree creates.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6.14.10 7.14.10 8.14.10! The third baby born in our family this summer kept with the magic number of 14. Two little girl cousins were born on June 14th and July14th and our sweet little nephew was born on August 14th. Micah William Cosgrove is so adorable, sucking his little thumb or fist to find comfort. He is so tiny next to my two year old daughter who loved holding a real baby, and found herself getting the baby names mixed up since there are a handful of new ones in our family!

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We are twin photographers and we love capturing and creating artful images together. We started DoubleTake Photography seven years ago and have enjoyed being artists behind our lenses. Check out our work at It has been an honor to witness small glimpses into many lives through our lenses. The relationships that people have with their loved ones, family or friends cause us to praise our Lord even more to have given people such a rich treasure. Capturing this is our passion.